SkillsFuture Credit – Beginner Chinese

SkillsFuture Credit – Beginner Chinese

Using SkillsFuture Credit at Elite Linguistic Network

Elite Linguistic Network (ELN) is one of the training providers approved under SkillsFuture Credit — a program organized by the Singapore Government. We offer SkillsFuture Credit-eligible Chinese language courses for adults. Singaporeans interested in learning the Chinese language can consider using your SkillsFuture Credit to embark on your learning journey.


What is SkillsFuture Credit?
Who can use SkillsFuture Credit?
Can you use SkillsFuture Credit at ELN?
S$500 opening credit given by the Singapore Government under the SkillsFuture national movement to promote Singaporeans’ ownership of skills development and lifelong learning Singaporeans aged 25 and above in January 2016 Yes, you can! We have a number of courses claimable under SkillsFuture. See All Elite Linguistic Network Courses at MySkillsFuture


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How to use SkillsFuture Credit?

Elite Linguistic Network has a number of courses claimable under SkillsFuture.

See All Elite Linguistic Network Courses at MySkillsFuture



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Register for the Course at Elite Linguistic Network

Search for your Registered Course at MySkillsFuture Credit Course Directory

Click on ‘Proceed to Claim’ and Login via your SingPass

Submit your Claim after entering Course Start Date & Claim Amount, selecting ‘Pay to Training Provider’, and Uploading our Official Invoice

Show Us the Approval Acknowledgment from SkillsFuture


Do’s and Don’ts for SkillsFuture Credit

Learning is a journey. To master a language takes perseverance, diligence, and practice. And we are here to help you do that! Learning the Chinese language goes a long way to benefit you, allowing you to communicate with billions of people around the world.


    1. Attend all lessons. Learners have to sign in on their attendance for each lesson. If you have to miss a lesson, it’s a MUST to provide a valid reason which would be shared with SkillsFuture’s audit committee. Learners who attend less than 75% of the lessons may risk their funding recovered by WDA.
    2. Submit your claim to SkillsFuture within 60 days before the course’s start date. Upon approval, the funds will be disbursed directly to Elite Linguistic Network. Kindly note that this Credit is not transferable.


    1. Flout the rules or abuse the system. SkillsFuture Credit is a benefit organized by the Singapore government to empower Singaporeans in their learning and skills development for the future economy. We should use these public funds responsibly.
    2. Miss the 60-day deadline for submission to SkillsFuture. We advise that you submit way early and as soon as you receive the official invoice from us so as not to affect your lessons. Kindly note that your lessons will only start after your application has been approved.


SkillsFuture Chinese Mandarin


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