Chinese as a Secondary Language Growing in Popularity

Chinese as a Secondary Language Growing in Popularity

English has been the most common international language to date. It’s been the common mode of communication for most business transactions and dealings from small to big companies. However, despite the popularity of English, there are also other languages which are growing in reputation. One of the rising popular languages in recent years is Chinese. In fact, the ratio of native Chinese speakers by far exceeds that of English and Spanish.

China’s economic growth and its consistent move in becoming a powerful country has paved the way for the language to be a popular choice for learning. Chinese is now growing as a secondary language of choice and it might be just the beginning. According to Global Research, “China has powerful trading, financial and investment networks covering the globe as well as powerful economic partners. These links have become essential for the continued growth of many of countries throughout the developing world.”

The economic growth of China has triggered a domino effect. Since it has become globalized and a business centre of the world, the interest to learn Chinese has also increased during the past couple of years. And whether we talk about the country or its language, there is no hint of the developments halting in the near future.

So if you are contemplating which secondary language to learn, Chinese is a good choice. Here are the reasons why:

1.    Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world – Remember that China is the most populous country in the world, so learning a secondary language which is spoken by several people will give you a boost in better communication.

2.    China’s economic growth – whether it’s true that the flourish of Western language is on its way to sunset or not, we are certain of one thing, China’s economy is rising. And in learning another language, it is good to consider the influence of the language globally.

Knowledge in Chinese language will give you the edge – whether it is for personal growth or career advancement, knowing Chinese will give a boost in your qualifications and credentials.


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