WORKSHOP – Chinese Business Culture

WORKSHOP – Chinese Business Culture

It’s more than a matter of business when it comes to succeeding in China. The nuances of doing business in China often escape the understanding of entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives. Hence, many have failed and exited this lucrative market with a GDP of USD11.2 trillion in 2016. According to the IMF, China is also the world’s second largest trading nation and the largest economy by purchasing power parity. All these superlatives are obvious reasons why it’s important to understand Chinese Business Culture, how to work with the Chinese, and how to conduct business in China.




If you’re strategizing your business expansion into China, plotting your career advancement, or simply fostering relevant and invaluable skills to ride the next wave of growth in the company, this Chinese Business Culture Workshop is for you. Understand how the Chinese view their world, what they count as moral imperatives, what they are prone to value in business, and what they disdain in their business partners or colleagues.





27 September 2017, Wednesday



9.30am to 1pm



ERC Institute
30 Prinsep Street
Level 10, Room 10C
Singapore 188647

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Per Person



Who Should Attend:
  • Entrepreneurs who are exploring new business ventures in China
  • Business Owners who are looking to expand into China
  • Executives who are working closely with your Chinese counterparts from your regional HQs, local offices or China branches
  • Executives who are involved in purchasing, product management or channel partnerships

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9.30am Registration
9.45am – 11.00am
Working Culture in China – Wesley Lin

Have you noticed a very different working style when doing business with China? Do you feel bewildered when ‘yes’ actually means ‘no’ when communicating with your Chinese counterparts? If your answer is ‘yes’, this workshop is specially designed to help you understand the differing working cultures, business etiquette, and mindsets of today’s Chinese. Wesley Lin, with 7 years under his belt working with businesses in China and as the finance head of a Fortune 500 company based in Shanghai, will share the varied working styles and the business skills you need in order to excel in the China market.

• Key Differences in Working Styles between China and What We Know
• Differences in Work Philosophies between MNCs and SMEs
• Working in China and with the Chinese – The Hard and Soft Skills We Need to Equip Ourselves

11.00am – 12.30pm
How to Assess Your Partners and Suppliers in China – Ming Lim

When you’re expanding overseas, one of the very first things you do is to look for suitable partners or source for reliable suppliers. Who you work with can determine how successful your business will be, your reputation, and your delivery of products and services to your customers. Ming Lim will share, from over 10 years at the helm of businesses in Shanghai, the salient points to note when it comes to Supplier and Partner Management, and how to take that all-important first step to do business with China

• The Importance of Location and Cultural Influences
• Reliability and Accountability – What to Look Out For
• Determining Opportunities within the Company and in the China Market
• Aligning Goals with Profitability
• Cultivating a Long-Term Relationship Geared Towards Mutual Growth
• Building Your Personal Network in China

12.30pm – 1.00pm Q&A
Light Refreshment & Networking


Language Medium:

Speakers will present mainly in English, interchanging with keywords in Mandarin for context and for a better understanding of Chinese Business Culture.

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Chinese Business Culture Workshop - Ming LimMing Lim

Ming is a design entrepreneur with more than 30 years of success leading teams to achieve international creative awards. Specializing in business management with a Master in Business Management from Bangor University of UK, her international experiences include over 10 years of business development, project management, and operations in Shanghai. Through hands-on experiences, she understands the business culture in China and excels in working with people from diverse backgrounds.

With a passion for sharing her experiences and networks in China, Ming works with different associations and schools in Shanghai to conduct design thinking training for local SMEs. She has also obtained the Advanced Certificate in Training and Development (ACTA) and certified by Work Development Agency of Singapore (WDA).  In addition, she personally groomed a number of her staff and students who go on to become successful entrepreneurs.

Her portfolio of clients includes global brands, government agencies, and private companies like HDB, STB, TDB, SMRT, OSIM, StarHub, Motorola, Nokia, Shanghai World Expo Organisation, Aviation Pavilion, Chongqing Natural Museum, Shanghai Aurora Museum, Acura China, HTC, Huawei, Haagen Dazs China, Adidas China, Casio China, and Mastercard China.


Chinese Business Culture Workshop - Wesley LinWesley Lin

The Founder and Executive Director of Wesley Business Consulting (WBC), Wesley’s main role is in regional business expansion. Using Singapore as the base, he assists companies to expand overseas through exerting influences and using the dynamic exposure he obtained from his earlier years in different countries. One of his key specialties is China where he spent approximately 7 years focusing on businesses in China.

Prior to founding WBC, Wesley served as the finance function head of China operations of a Fortune 500 company based in Shanghai where he was exposed to various complex aspects of business due to its emerging nature such as business development, acquisition, post-acquisition integration, performance-based incentive plan design, organization redesign, change management, risk management, internal control implementation, compliance, ERP and CRM implementation. He was also involved in project management, working physically in Japan, Australia, India, and Malaysia.

Wesley is a Chartered Accountant of Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and a member of ACCA. He was an external auditor from 2000 to 2003 before joining a couple of Fortune 500 companies and contributing financial analysis. His exposure is comprehensive, ranging from professional to commercial, and emerging to matured markets.





Chinese Business Culture Workshop is held at ERC Institute, which is situated at 30 Prinsep Street and is within walking distance from Plaza Singapura or The Cathay.

ERC Institute Map - ELN Chinese Business Culture Workshop

Source: ERC Institute

ERC Institute Transport Parking - ELN Chinese Business Culture Workshop

Source: ERC Institute

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