7 Reasons Why Learning Chinese is Good for Business

7 Reasons Why Learning Chinese is Good for Business

In 2014, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made headline news for conducting a Q&A entirely in the Chinese language at a Beijing college. Though Facebook hasn’t been able to make inroads into China yet, the event sent a strong message about the country’s immense business potential and her growing image as THE land of opportunity for businesses throughout the world.

If you plan to do business with China, expand into China, or interact frequently with business associates there, it’s definitely useful to learn Business Chinese.


Here are 7 reasons why you should learn Business Chinese.


1. Relationship Building

Build instant rapport with business partners and strengthen your relationships with suppliers and key stakeholders who can help you make inroads into the lucrative Chinese market. Also, you’re in a stronger position over non-Mandarin speaking competitors to meet people socially and make connections at a personal as well as professional level.


2. Understanding Business Culture

In order to interact easily and confidently with Chinese speakers, gain a deeper understanding of the country’s culture and business trends. You’ll be able to obtain information that may have escaped you had you not known the local language at all.


3. Trust

Demonstrate your respect and goodwill, which can get you off to a positive start even before you actually begin negotiating the nuts-and-bolts of a deal. If a potential business partner is not fluent in English, you can engage the assistance of an interpreter to get your message across. However, a basic understanding of Chinese will help you develop a faster bond with Chinese decision-makers. Start gaining their trust to build long-term working relationships!


4. Faster Business Communications

Understand business terms stated in Chinese. While you can have agreements translated into English, or receive multilingual contracts, you’ll appreciate the ability to take stock of the contract yourself if you are an intermediate user of the language. Email communications are often tools of getting business done and ironing out operational basics. Hence, a knowledge of Business Chinese allows you to attend to common business situations with lesser turnaround time.


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5. Daily Business Transactions

In tier 1 cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou, you may find more people who know or are learning English. Nonetheless, Mandarin is most widely spoken and extensively used for day-to-day business affairs. In tier 3 and 4 cities where fewer people speak English, the communication gap will only widen.


6. Attract Chinese Investors

Over the years, Chinese investors and firms have actively sought out global opportunities. Though some Chinese investors have picked up English, many still speak their native language. Undeniably, they are more comfortable negotiating investment opportunities in the Chinese language. So, if you have a grasp of Business Chinese, it can strengthen your presentation to persuade potential Chinese investors.


7. Immense Business Opportunities

Even though the Chinese language is some way off from being the lingua franca, one simply can’t ignore the sheer business opportunities afforded by a country of 1.3 billion people. Also, her unrivaled manufacturing capabilities have created unprecedented interest among the global business community to acquire Chinese communication skills. In fact, the next generation of American entrepreneurs has started learning Mandarin at school. The Chinese language is becoming the second-most popular choice in dual-language education programs at the state level.


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  • Elizabeth K -

    If you intend to use Chinese language in business settings, then you may have to learn business Chinese from some native Chinese who knows Chinese business culture well. Just as the blog article said, you must communicate with your partner efficiently, only in this way can you make deal successfully. In my part, nothing better than a native Chinese business teacher to help you improve your Business Chinese.

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